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Alex Park's New Single

Alex Park's new single, Looking for Water, is to be released on the 17th of October, with her album, Honesty, scheduled for release on the 24th.

Her new single, her first for over a year, is called Looking for Water, and sees Alex tweaking her trademark sound. Though her disctinctive vocals are instantly recognisable and the song, which is a haunting balad, is similair to her other hits, this time she has a more polished, studio sound.

Clips from Looking for Water and other songs from her new album are avaliable from her official website. Alex will also be embarking on a smalll tour showcasing material from the new album.

Who is Alex Parks?

For those of you who don't know, Alex Parks was the eighteen year old singer songwriter from Cornwall. Alex captured the heart of a nation with her winning appeareance on the BBC talent show Fame Academy.

Alex, along with several other contestants, or students as they are often refered to, sang to the nation each and every week, and each and every week a student was voted out until one remained - the Fame Academy winner.

So far Alex Parks has emerged as the shining star of the show. Her emotionally charged renditions of ballads such as Everybody Hurts by REM, and Yellow by Coldplay, has earned her legions of fans all eager to hear what Alex does next.

Alex Parks has so far released just one album Introduction, and is currently busy working on her eagerily awaited follow up.

We will endevaour to keep you up to date on the progress of this Album and what is happening to Ms Alex Parks at this exciting stage in her career

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